Tuesday, October 12, 2010

babydays are here again!

Because we had Waffle Girl at 36 weeks, the wait for my scheduled c-section at 39 weeks (six days ago) was a little nerve-wracking. This pregnancy was not high-risk in any way, but I kept thinking, "Can we get her out yet? I know she's ready! What if something goes wrong and we're too late?! Let's just get her out so we'll know she's safe!!" Okay, so I'm a little scarred by past experiences.

Well the day finally came, and we got to rescue our baby girl from the untold dangers of my womb! On Wednesday, October 6th, we welcomed an 8 lb. 9 oz., 20" little piece of heaven.

The c-section was about the same as last time, except that it took a little longer. They cut through my old scar using a cauterizing tool. The smell of burning flesh was gross and freaked me out for a moment there. When they scooped out my baby, the OB said "Wow, she's really mad!". She was yelling and looked like a PO'd little beastie. Getting stitched up took a long time. I'm asthmatic and, even though I took my meds, I had a claustrophobic moment because the curtain was close to my face, there was a warming blanket too high up on my chest, and I felt like the table was tilting me head-down a little. I was panicking a bit, so Mr. Foxy distracted me and then the nurse brought my baby over for a kiss. *sigh*

I'm recovering okay and am happy to be home with the family. The baby doesn't have a blog pseudonym yet.. not to mention that I'm not sure where to go (and whether to go) with this infertility blog. Just wanted you to know that all is well with our (probably?) complete family and that I am so very happy!