Wednesday, August 11, 2010

happy blogiversary to meeeee

With all the excitement lately, I almost spaced out on my blog's one year anniversary. Woo-hoo!

50 blog posts.. averaging about one per week. And culminating in pregnancy - third trimester already. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. :-p

Speaking of which, I had my 3rd trimester ultrasound this week - such are the perks of a geriatric pregnancy. Baby looks excellent. My BP is low and amniotic fluid looks good, so I'm glad there is no sign of an early delivery.

As for the dissertation.. my advisor had minimal comments on my 85% complete draft. So I finished 'er up and sent the full draft to my committee members on Tuesday. This gives them 2 weeks to review and comment before my big 8/25 defense. Did you notice that I'm still on schedule? Hells yeah.

Finally, just a random bit of weather craziness. A couple weeks ago we had a wild all-night rainstorm that dumped about 6 inches in our part of Chicago. Here's a picture of my little temporary pond. (now gone.) Stay cool, my cyber buddies!


  1. Happy anniversary to you!! And great job on your other big accomplishments!

  2. Happy anniversary! Life is looking pretty great minus the lake in your backyard.