Friday, September 17, 2010

predictions anyone?

As I told you a while ago, my sister-in-law "Peaches" is expecting her first baby. Her due date is 2 weeks before ours, or 1 week before my 39wk c-section. For your amusement, here is a double baby bump pic (me on the left). This was taken when we were respectively 35 and 37 wks.

Most likely Peaches will deliver first. But then again.. her mother had both her babies at 41 weeks, not to mention that bump looks pretty high, right? Hee hee. In theory we could deliver the same week and our baby cousins would be virtual twins!

Speaking of twins, I'm excited to see what both babies will look like. My little Waffle Girl looks like Mr. Foxy. It would be nifty if girl #2 looked like me... in which case her cousin (gender as yet unknown) might take after my family, too, and they'd totally look alike! That would be a hoot.

So, what else is going on? Not a whole lot. I turned in my PhD thesis for formatting review and am waiting for comments. The reviewer lady is going to take a couple weeks to measure my margins, check the pagination, and other such thrilling details. Depending on how long the review takes and how many changes I need to make, this could all be done before baby comes.. or not. No big deal either way. The mental heavy lifting is all done and I can certainly adjust font size or whatever while I'm home with a newborn. Bring it, lady.

The weather has finally cooled off. I would loo-o-ove to go work in the garden, but I just don't have any energy and my belly gets all cramped up with the least exertion, so forget it! The edges between my lawn and flowerbeds are a total disaster.. to be dealt with in the spring.

The baby is moving a lot, which is great. I think she's kindof a goofball, though, 'cause she keeps pushing her little body off to the right side of my belly. I'm lounging around on the coach, looking at this ridiculous asymmetric bump, thinking "What is up with this crazy child?" And her recent tendency to elbow me in the colon is just weird and unnerving. Cut it out!

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  1. Congrats on your defense (I've been mia and missed the congrats earlier).

    I am super excited for you! I can't believe it's almost time!!! Yeah!