Sunday, December 13, 2009

resuming awesomeness.. now!

Actually, the awesomeness started a few weeks ago.. but I was waiting until I saw Dr. Snaggletooth and had something reproduction-related to post. Various updates follow:

My awesome fitness/diet regime is perking right along. I've been going to my office gym 2-3 times a week. The first couple times I went on the treadmill I couldn't manage a proper jog, because I would get jabbing pains in my butt where all the progesterone-shot-induced welts were still hanging around. So I switched over to the elliptical trainer. Now I've lost a few pounds (less painful jiggling!) and the welts have gone away, so I can trot on a treadmill like the wanna-be hamster that I am. My pants fit me again and I feel much better about myself.

My awesome research proposal has been funded! Most of the actual work will be contracted out, so I get to be the fancy scientist lady bossing people around and taking credit for it all. Is it too soon to nominate myself for a Nobel prize? Hmmm.. maybe wait until after our first team meeting tomorrow.

My awesome hubby, Mr. Foxy, has been mysteriously and uncharacteristically helpful around the house lately. He actually baked sugar cookies with Waffle Girl one day when I was at work. I walked in the house and was utterly perplexed by that lovely food-like odor. In getting ready for the girl's birthday this weekend, he actually cleaned the bathroom; afterward, he did all the dishes and took out the trash. Lord, please don't let this be a fluke.

Our awesome plan to procreate again is back on track. I went in to see Dr. Snaggletooth a couple weeks ago, as required before starting a frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycle. I went to the appointment solo, 'cause there wasn't anything major to discuss. Mr. Foxy is oblivious to most details of IF treatment, so I like to toy with him a little:

Me (coming home from work): "So honey, do you want to guess what the doctor and I talked about today? "
Mr. Foxy: "Umm, I guess you talked about how many embryos to transfer. "
Me: "Sure.. (curious about what goes on in his man-brain).. do you want to guess how many he thinks we should do?"
Mr. Foxy: "Well.. two at least.. maybe three?"
Me: "Oh, silly husband. The doctor and I agreed in about one-millisecond that we would do another single transfer because our embryos are really good quality. We'll only double up next time if this one doesn't "take". We actually spent the appointment with him explaining the timeline of birth-control-pills, Lupron shots, progesterone/estrogen supplements, and so forth. "

So that's our deal. I took my first BCP today. I'm supposed to start Lupron shots on 12/26 (Merry Christmas!), go in for baseline ultrasound and bloodwork on 12/31 (Happy New Year!), and I guess we're looking at an FET around January 20th-ish. Awesome.


  1. Yeah! congrats to being back on track!!!

  2. Hells yeah! Welcome back to the crazy whacked out game. Here's hoping the next round is a bit nicer to you than your last.

    Looking forward to coming along with you.

  3. Welcome back to the crazy kiddo. Glad to know that you have lots of frosties that look good and your doc has a plan you are happy with.

    Oh, and YOU'RE AWESOME!

  4. Awesome indeed! Just remember, keep fighting the good fight! Or, umm, something like that.....