Thursday, April 29, 2010

latin america doesn't care for me

I'm not the most active or thrilling blogger in recent weeks, I know this. But it's still fun to keep track of who visits your blog and see how they found you. Maybe you've noticed the little Clus.terMap I have displayed under my list of links and followers. It's nifty that I've had visitors from all over the U.S. and Canada, all across Europe, plus a few points around Asia, Africa and Oceania. But it seems that noone in Latin America gives a hoot about my struggles and triumphs. Por que?

So.. what else is new? I've gone two weeks without an ultrasound and am reasonably sure that I'm still pregnant - 16 weeks. I've come "out" to everyone at work. It's just in time, too, since I'm quickly shifting from the generally-pudgy-around-the-middle phase to the definitely-looks-like-a-baby-bump phase. I prefer the baby bump in every way.

Did you hear the new story last week about the Iranian cleric who claimed that women's immodesty was to blame for recent earthquakes? Then an Indiana student put this theory to the test by challenging women worldwide to wear low-cut tops on Monday in an event dubbed Bo.obquake. Well, you bet I participated, now that my heaving bosoms are up to a whopping B-cup - I'll take any opportunity to show off! Apparently we didn't cause any unusual seismic activity, though, so that old Iranian guy can just suck it. You can read the official findings here.
So that's all that's new around here. Work has been crazy busy, but I'm squeezing in some dissertation work here and there. Hopefully things will die down over the summer and I'll "git 'er done", as we say in academia. Toodles!

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  1. Hi there! I wanted to thank you fro your kind support on my blog and decided to return the visit! Delighted all is going well with your pregnancy, wwoow! 16 weeks!! and I've seen in your sidebar you had one single FET bast transfer, it makes me hopeful.
    And I heard about the story of the earthquakes too!! How crazy is that?? But sure...that's what makes life interesting isn't it? Love Fran