Tuesday, April 13, 2010

okay.. maybe a teeny bit of drama

I was hoping for a drama-free pregnancy, but there was a little blip this week. Technically we're in the second trimester (14 weeks tomorrow), so spotting/bleeding isn't really considered normal anymore. I had spotting for two days and called the OB to see what he thinks. Dr. Single-Thin-and-Neat said I should come in today and get checked. So I'm driving to his office this morning thinking, "Am I really concerned about a tiny bit of spotting, or am I just a crazy IF lady angling to get another ultrasound?" Well, it has been a whole 2 weeks since the 1st trimester screening, for Pete's sake!

It was definitely worth the trip. Dr. STN checked the baby's heartbeat first, to make sure Lil' Scrappy was okay. Then he did an internal exam to confirm that the blood was coming from my uterus, not some cervical surface irritation. So what's the cause? Dr. STN basically said "I dunno". Sensing that I was still a little uneasy, he asked whether an ultrasound would help ease my mind. "Uh... yeah!" The crazy IF lady got her bonus ultrasound! He didn't take measurements or anything, but could see that Scrappy is about the right size, moving around and stuff. The placenta isn't low-lying or otherwise weird-looking, so there's no apparent reason for bleeding. So I didn't get any explanation, but am very happy to know that there's nothing obviously wrong. I'll take it!

Keep your fingers crossed that I wake up tomorrow with no more spotting. Help me achieve my dream of a drama-free pregnancy!

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