Friday, June 18, 2010

the fetus begins her life of crime

One minute, I'm the picture of domesticity - baking two (not just one!) cherry pies with the berries picked from my own yard. My sister-in-law has been so helpful with last-minute babysitting and such, so I pop out at 9PM to drop off one of the pies for her. They live just a mile away. I'm zipping home and dash through a yellow light literally 1/2-block from my house. And cue the flashing lights on an unmarked police car. CRAP!

So I'm pulled over.. me, the cute little pregnant lady, dropping off a fresh-baked cherry pie at my brother's place. Who could be more wholesome? Did I mention that I left my wallet & license at home? And then I argued with the officer about whether the light was yellow or red? He basically threatened to haul me to jail for driving without a license and running a red, then he went back to his car to look up my plates.

I sat in my car, thinking that he probably didn't notice the baby bump, I didn't mention the cherry pie, and this guy has no reason to cut me any slack because I'm just some law-breaking combative broad with no evidence of baking skills. And I had flashbacks to my bloggy friend Ashley who was taken, wrongly I might add, to the pokey while PG with twins, dehydrated, and more than a little hysterical. Is that their new tactic - stick it to the pregnant ladies?! Well, I was well-hydrated and carrying a singleton, so I figured I could take it.

Mercifully and inexplicably, the officer let me off with a warning. He told me to obey the traffic lights, take my license even for a tiny little errand, and "Don't get argumentative". I'm thinking "Yes, yes, and uh.. maybe." I went home, cut a piece of pie for Mr. Foxy and me, and didn't breathe a word about my and the fetus' little brush with the law.


  1. So funny! Although I was thoroughly traumatized, I did once wear a shirt that said "jailbirdies on board" in public. So glad you didn't go to jail!

  2. Yikes! Glad you made it home unscathed!