Thursday, June 3, 2010

pettipants and PhDs

So I have a few cute maternity skirts, perfect for summertime preggo-wear. There are some problems, though. You cross your legs and your flesh sticks together. You walk around and there's the chafing issue. Heaven forbid there's a little stubble on your thighs and suddenly you're in dreadful scrapie-scratchy territory! Of course pantyhose would alleviate these problems, but today's fashion dictates that one should go hose-less.

So what's a girl to do? Well, I found the solution:


I didn't know quite what I was looking for, but I browsed around Ama.zon until this miracle product came up. Where have you been all my life, oh pettipants?! I ordered a pair and finally got to wear them yesterday. Heaven! I flashed them at one of my over-50 lady coworkers, who squealed out "Oh pettipants!". Apparently this is an old timey kind of thing. It beats me why these things ever went away.. they're frikkin' awesome.

In other fancy scientist lady news:

I am really getting somewhere with my PhD dissertation. Over the last 2-3 months, I've had a series of meetings with my thesis advisor. At every meeting, I present him with my latest data analysis acrobatics and he says "Okay, that's interesting, but what if you tried it THIS way? Do this other thing and then we'll talk again." So we've gone back and forth like this a few times. Then this afternoon, after I spent about 45 minutes attempting to explain my latest voodoo statistics, he says these magical words to me:

"I think you've done all you can with the data analysis - it's time to write this thing up and be finished with it."

***sound of angels singing***

At last, I have a plan and a schedule to graduate! I will write the dissertation up in June-July, allow for committee review and edits in August, present/defend my work in early September, thus giving me another month to make more edits and turn the thing in before the baby comes around October 7, in advance of the October 29 university deadline. It CAN be done! I will then request that you call me "Doctor Infertile Breeder". Until then, let's keep it casual.


  1. I think that is my favorite lolcat EVER! What elation to see progress and have a plan for finishing! (project progeny)

  2. What a great idea those petipants, although I am mostly a pants girl. Hey about the extenders will they work on front closure you think? Thats what I wear now, soft, no underwire, but front closures. Thanks a million for your great advice!