Thursday, August 20, 2009

at last.. gonal for my gonads

Score another one for the educated and assertive patient!

After the latest tiniest delay (see my last post), the clinic called me Wednesday and the conversation started with the nurse saying "You're right." Oh, that's music to my ears. At Monday's appointment, Nurse Bungler had indeed put me on too high a dosage and for too many days without observation. After we sorted out the details, I finally started meds on Wednesday night. I'm scheduled for my first monitoring visit on Saturday. Here is the rough timeline:
  • Aug. 19-23, 5 days on 150 units Gonal-F (stims)

  • Aug. 24-27, 4 days on 150 units Repronex (stims)

  • Aug. 29 egg retrieval (ER)

  • Sept. 3 embryo transfer (ET)

  • Sept. 12 pregnancy test (beta)
For the next week-and-a-half I am concentrating on growing a superb batch of eggs while not going overboard into hyper-stim land, landing in the hospital, stroking out, etc. Despite the nurses' latest attempt to kill me with a double-dose, Dr. Snaggletooth has always been careful to keep me on the lowest level of stims and I've never a case of hyper-stimulation (OHSS).

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Think happy thoughts about my ovaries.


  1. Thinking good thoughts for you!

  2. Thinking nothing but egg-growing but no OHSS thoughts for you! Hoping this cycle runs smoothly and ends with a BFP!

  3. I'm thinking the happiest thoughts for your ovaries!