Tuesday, August 18, 2009

would you believe.. another teeny weeny delay

It's not a big deal: one more day on Lupron and starting stims tomorrow instead of today. But the reason for this one is a doozy.

As a followup to my previous tips on "what can you do to avoid doing an IVF" (see post: http://theinfertilebreeder.blogspot.com/2009/08/so-much-for-fast-track.html) here's a new tactic, proven effective by me:
  • Surround yourself with bunglers: choose a clinic where doctors and nurses fail to communicate. This one won't buy you much time. Even the most inept IF professionals will eventually get on the same page and figure out what your Gonal-F dosage ought to be. It's good technique in a pinch, though, in case you have a hot date or something.

At this point, any sane reader would think I'm making this stuff up. Oh, Lordie, if only it were so. Here's what happened: My baseline ultrasound/bloodwork yesterday was okay. The nurse sent me home with instructions to start stims on Tuesday (today) and come in for my first monitoring on Sunday. It didn't hit me until last night that that's a freakin' long time for me to be on stims without an office visit.

Dr. Snaggletooth always puts a note in my file that I'm a patient to "watch closely" due to PCO and risk of hyperstimulation. On my 1.5 previous cycles (one was cancelled) my first monitoring visit was on Day 4 or Day 5. This time Nurse Bungler had me scheduled for Day 6. What part of "watch closely" didn't she understand? Oh, and BTW, she had me down for the same too-high dosage that led to my threatened hyperstimulation in June, cancelled cycle, etc. etc. I didn't realize just how messed up this plan was until I went home and compared it against my delightfully successful 2007 cycle and tragically lame June 2009 cycle.

So, long story short, I called today to complain/clarify and the nurse couldn't get a hold of Dr. Snaggletooth to straighten things out. Oh maybe she would have had better luck if she didn't wait until almost 4 pm to call the man! So the nurses conferred with each other and told me to stay on Lupron another day and wait to hear back tomorrow after they talk to the doc.

This was the shortest of my IVF delays but definitely the most disturbing. I trust Dr. Snaggletooth and think he has good judgement. But from here on out I'm going to be the bitch that second-guesses everything the nurses tell me and ask for confirmation from the doctor. Hopefully they'll get sick of it and opt to cut out the middleman.

In other news.. the Stirrup Queen listed my blog on her blog, thus putting me in touch with some fabulous infertile babes! I look forward to comparing notes with you, offering support and, of course, wishing you a short stay in the world of infertility blogging. Toodles!

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