Saturday, August 22, 2009

flashback 2007 - best. IVF cycle. ever.

As we get further along with our current round of in-vitro fertilization (IVF), I am fondly remembering IVF#1, which led to the production of our beloved Waffle Girl. Below I offer you a cropped version (Days 1-4 are omitted) of the best IVF cycle ever.

I was a month away from my 37th birthday. We only needed a low dose (150 Gonal-f) as my ovaries had proven their eagerness to grow follicles in 4 failed attempts at artificial insemination. I've been sortof meditating on this chart, hoping for a similar outcome this time around.

We did the trigger shot on Day 9 and then egg retrieval on Day 11. The rest unfolded thusly:

  • 13 decent-sized follicles
  • 11 mature eggs
  • 7 fertilized eggs
  • 5 blastocysts (blasts) on Day 5
  • 2 blasts transferred on Day 5
  • 3 unused blasts observed 'til Day 6, but they weren't "keepers"

As fantastically awesome as this April 2007 cycle was, the ideal would have been if we'd retrieved a few more mature eggs and maybe had some blasts (i.e. "frosties") in reserve. If we had some frosties, then the current fresh cycle wouldn't be necessary. This explains why Dr. Snaggletooth started my ill-fated cycle in June 2009 on a higher dose of meds. He figured I was 2 years older and would need a little more of a push. It turns out that my ovaries went into overdrive pretty quickly. I guess they, like the rest of me, are so enamored of Waffle Girl that they jumped at the chance for a sibling. We had to cancel the June'09 attempt and are now in the thick of a do-over - IVF #2.

Today is Day 5 of stims. I went in for monitoring on Saturday and will go again tomorrow (Monday). I'll post an update once I have a sense whether IVF#2 is living up to the glory of April 2007.

On a related note, I saw an interview on CNN this morning that made me a little annoyed. This guy was blogging about his cancer treatment, including "embarrassing details". Why one should be embarrassed about anything related to a life-threatening illness is beyond me. CNN had an on-line poll asking whether blogging about the detail of his treatment was okay or is it TMI. (?!) As if anyone is forcing you to read this guy's blog! Some people just don't get it. Well, I say more power to him. He's in good company with all the infertility bloggers who get into the details of their cervical mucus, icky digestive problems, etc. You chicks keep posting and we'll keep reading.. and sending sticky vibes and other weird things!


  1. You are damn organized! That's great that you have that to compare for this time. Was that the only IVF cycle you did to get pregnant w/ your daughter?

    I'm pretty irritated about that CNN interview. I'm really glad I didn't see that one.

  2. Hi Oops! Yes, we only had to do 1 cycle to get DD. Beginners luck, I guess. I also have the chart from my cancelled cycle in June. But it's covered in the venom that I was spitting at the time and so isn't fit to scan. Hee hee.

  3. Wow, I couldn't tell you the numbers from any of my IVF cycles. I do remeber how many were transferred and that we have 7 totsicles from our last effort. Super organized.