Sunday, August 30, 2009

we stuck the landing

Just a quick update. The egg retrieval went okay Saturday and I lazed around the rest of the day. They told me the doctor got 16 eggs, but I know you can't get too excited until the fertilization report.

Well today I am excited. Out of 16, there were 12 that were mature and they could attempt to fertilize. All 12 were successfully fertilized yesterday and are still kickin' today!

Not only did we get more total eggs than we did 2 years ago, but I also got a better fertilization rate. So whether it works or not, I'm happy to know that we made a really good try. I'm heading back to work tomorrow with a warm and fuzzy little secret.


  1. OMG!!! That's super fantastic! Yay! YAY! YAAAAAAY!!!

  2. Oh YES!! That's awesome news. Now I can't wait to hear about how well they're all getting along with the little guys. Good luck!