Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i love me some 5-day transfer

I was kindof surprised to learn that the 12 embies we had on Sunday were all still rockin' on Monday (Day 2) when the nurse called. My memory is a little hazy on this, but I could swear I had a couple casualties between Days 1 and 2 the last time around. Woo-hoo! Score another one for the 39-year-old lady.

Dr. Snaggletooth has a preference for 5-day transfers, so they told me I will be scheduled for Thursday. It looks like we may even have back-up embies this time around. Yay, frosties!

I'll get a call Wednesday telling me what time to show up on Thursday. So today is a blissful day with no blood draws, no phallic ultrasound probes, and no sitting around staring at my cell phone all afternoon, hoping they remember to call me before closing time! My little embies should go from 4-cells yesterday, to 8-10 today, and then "esplode!" into 100-cell blastocysts by Thursday morning. Well, some of them at least. Think happy thoughts about our little embies this week!


  1. Good luck!! I hope everything went well today, and that those embies are getting all snug and comfy for their nice long stay.

    C'mon embies, do your thang.

  2. I have much hope for esploding and happy stickie embies. Best wishes and much love and luck going your way.