Sunday, September 13, 2009

i love photoshop

I POAS again this morning and it seemed to be another negative. Then after staring and squinting at it for several minutes, I think maybe there was an extremely faint second line. Well, maybe I imagined it.. 'cause I was dropping acid at the time - hell, how else does one get through the 2ww?! Or maybe it was a very very faint positive. We'll get the blood test done Monday and all will be revealed.

So today I was amusing myself with a little Photoshop. I've been thinking back to how interesting my stomach looked a couple months after Waffle Girl was born. All the various lines and scars were like badges of honor, earned along the way to mommyhood. Below I offer you my artistic rendering.
Are my pubes really comprised of green squiggles? I'll never tell. But the "rock hard abs" two months after having a baby? Totally true. Anyhow, I hope to see this funky inverted T-shape on my stomach again someday. Approximately one year from now would be just perfect.


  1. I am disturbed and yet fascinated by this. Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you and sending many positive vibes out into the universe on your behalf.

  2. Good luck today!! I'll be sending tons of positive energy your way!!

    p.s. Love the motherhood schematic.