Thursday, September 24, 2009

3 facts that kept me sane last night

It's been a rough week. After the period-like bleeding I had Monday night, I proceeded to have even more on Tuesday night. That was the worst of it and now I'm back to constant red spotting. Another alarming thing is that I lost 3 lbs. since this weekend, which I figure is the loss of excess water weight. I started to get that "not so pregnant" feeling when I realized my body was dumping excess fluids. This couldn't be a good sign.

Last night I was tormenting myself with internet research about early pregnancy bleeding and miscarriage. I was bracing myself for the distinct possibility that my awesome week-long pregnancy had come to an end. You can find plenty of anecdotes about women who had first trimester bleeding and went on with a healthy pregnancy. Are they the exception or the rule?

Here are the three tidbits of wisdom that helped me sleep last night and braced me for repeat bloodwork this morning:

  • A 5-6 week embryo takes up a tiny space of the uterine wall. Most of the uterus is not "engaged" in supporting the early embryo. Your little embie can be snug as a bug in the East Wing of your womb while you're having total bloody chaos in the West Wing.
  • The risk of miscarriage is 10% during 5-8 weeks of pregnancy (3-6 wks after conception). Who knows how real this oft-quoted number is, but I like my odds.
  • When your hormone levels fluctuate, there can be a delayed effect. I figured this one out all by myself. When you take your last Pill, you don't get your period the next day - you get it 3-4 days later, right? Well my progesterone levels dropped Thurs/Friday last week and the delayed effect was a mini-period Monday-Tuesday. Tada!

Okay, on to the bloodwork results. It's all good. My HCG is way up to 5,300 (spot-on for 26 days past ovulation according to and progesterone is back up at 20.

I have to run a very important meeting tomorrow morning at work, so I decided not to do my ultrasound tomorrow after all. I wouldn't want to get bad or ambiguous results and then be a pathetic wreck at the office. In fact, I think I'll put it off until Tuesday, when Dr. Snaggletooth is in the office and I can have my post-IVF meeting in the same visit. PUPO lives!


  1. Love that attitude!! ..but OMG what a crazy week you've had. I can't imagine. The results of your bloodwork sounds fantastic.

    Good luck with your presentation tomorrow!!!

    PUPO! PUPO!!

  2. Holy crap, you are like a goddess of self-control. I applaud that!

    Of course, your HCG rocks, so how could you not be feeling great right now.

    Hang in there!!

  3. This is why I love you and think you are so incredibly awesome. Even though you are going through some really scary stuff, you are looking at the situation logically and making the best plan possible. Good luck on Tuesday. I'll be sending as much positive energy as I can through the air.

    Oh...and that PUPO album cover. It kinda creeps me out.