Saturday, September 12, 2009

thinkin' we may need those frosties..

I've been pleasantly busy during the 2 week wait. Work is already a madhouse and, on top of this, my boss assigned me to write a $100K research proposal. I'm the type of geeky scientist who can actually write in plain English and can make a project sound interesting and worth throwing money at.

On the PUPO front, there is the usual medicinal regime: a honkin' big shot (1-1/2-inch needle) of progesterone in the glutes every night, a baby aspirin, and these nifty little estrogen patches on my stomach. And no drinking, even though I really want some wine!

I'm at the point now, two days before my blood test, where one is inclined to take a home pregnancy test.. the ol' pee on a stick (POAS, of course.) This is a great way to drive yourself insane. If you test too early, you get a false negative (even if you're preggo) because your hormone levels aren't high enough to trigger it. But we all want an answer before we go in for the blood test, c'mon! Well, I took one yesterday and got a negative result. I know it's not definitive, but it seems late enough that I should have seen at least a faint line. I had a pretty solid BFP at this point when we got Waffle Girl.

I'll probably POAS again Sunday - this will be closer to the "real" result. My blood test is scheduled for Monday. I can handle a negative - a BFN, as we say. I'm psyched about having so many "frosties" to work with - I don't really need to get pregnant this month. Part of me actually wants to get a negative result, because what the hell am I going to do with those frozen embies? If we have our second baby and still have frosties, I swear I'll be tempted to try for #3.. just because they're there! I know there are other options: you can donate to another IF couple, donate to research, or just "discard" them. All of these are reasonable, good options for a rational grown-up.. but infertility makes you look at things in a crazy way sometimes. I want my embies and I want them now!! **holds breath and stomps feet**

I hear Waffle Girl chatting in her crib. We're going to a picnic this afternoon. More fun distractions! Yay.


  1. Sorry about the early stick results, but don't give up hope just yet and don't forget that first morning urine is the best. Glad to know you have those little frosties to help set your mind at ease. Hope you enjoy your picnic. Sending much love and hugs.

  2. Hang in there sweetie... good luck with the test today!!