Friday, September 18, 2009

a teeny update

My third beta today was a delightful 502. Always the science geek, I charted my three numbers, using a logarithmic scale, of course. The result was a perfect straight line. *sigh*

I'm kindof worried because my progesterone level dropped from 20-ish earlier in the week to 13.4 today. Dr Snaggletooth didn't think it was low enough to warrant increasing the dosage on my progesterone shots. The nurse relayed to me that they like it to be over 15, but my HCG is rising so well that the doctor didn't think there was a need to change dosage.

My first ultrasound isn't for 9 more days and I won't have any bloodwork done before then. What should I do?
A) Don't worry, keep the same dosage until your appt. on 9/28
B) Self-medicate: change progesterone shots from 1cc to 1.5cc
C) Request follow-up bloodwork early next week
D) Both B and C

I'm leaning toward D.


  1. I'm so happy your beta is going up! BTW-My recommendation is C.

  2. oh YES!! Congrats, yours is the first blog i checked after my week off. :) I'm so happy & excited for you!

    I vote for C. But ... can extra progesterone hurt?