Sunday, August 9, 2009

what's in a name?

"Why 'the infertile breeder'?" you may be wondering.

Let's break it down y'all:

INFERTILE, according to Merriam-Webster -
adjective: not fertile or productive; especially: incapable of or unsuccessful in achieving pregnancy.

BREEDER, according to Urban Dictionary -
1. noun: slang term used by some childfree people for one who has a child.. thinks the sun rises and sets for their child/ren.
2. noun: (offensive) a heterosexual person. Formerly this was an insult used by the gay community; it is now used mostly by straight people in a lighthearted vein to (mistakenly) show that they are down with gays and familiar with the culture.

Put it together and you get the oxymoron that is me. Think "jumbo shrimp" or "airline food".

Mr. Foxy and I are are technically, medically infertile. Yet we have a cheerful little girl stomping around the house. So we're kindof fertile.. with a bunch of medical help, at least. And I can ironically call myself a "breeder", like the aging Gen-X-er that I am, mistakenly thinking that I'm hip to the current street lingo.

Post #2 will describe the 3-1/2 year slog we endured to get pregnant with the girl who wakes up every day demanding waffles.


  1. I'm so with you on this one...being infertile but a breeder and tragically unhip.

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. Good to see another SI (secondary infertile) out there - though I can understand why you describe yourself as a PI (primary infertile) the second time round given all you went through to conceive your daughter.

  3. WELCOME!!

    I had to laugh-my daughter is 2 and demands waffles too! No joke, that is the only thing she eats for breakfast. :)

    I hope you get lucky on your first round of IVF (well you know second)


  4. Thank you ladies! Glad to be in such good company in the blogosphere.