Tuesday, January 12, 2010

continuing the "flip off" theme

As you saw in my final post of 2009, I was rather amused when I saw the vial of Lupron was encouraging me to rudely gesticulate at the world ("FLIP OFF" on the cap). Now the hilarity continues. The instructions the nurse gave me last week indicate that on Cycle Day #7 (see the circled portion of the photo on the left) I should tell them all "F-You!" Right?! I'm pretty sure that I understood this correctly. (Ha ha!) Tomorrow's appointment is for bloodwork and ultrasound. My best guess is that the shorthand "f/u" stands for phlebotomy and ultrasound.. kindof. Oh, whatever.

Okay, moving on. I was advised a few weeks ago that, in addition to my beloved progesterone shots, the frozen transfer would also require vaginal suppositories of hormones. Although I'm not thrilled about shoving a capsule of meds up where the sun don't shine, I figured it's just another indignity I must endure. I imagined the "vag-candies" would come individually wrapped, in a little box. I was taken aback when they arrived in the form of a space pod, pictured below. WTF?! This looks like some type of ammunition.. maybe. It's definitely from the future, that's for sure.

And finally, if there was any doubt about how to administer this medication.. umm... see my last photo. 'Nuff said.


  1. I am frightened and majorly creeped out by those suppositories. Mine were just little oval pills. Gah! The stuff we go to. Hopefully all of these signs are for the big F-U to infertility.

  2. Holy what the AAAHHHH. Those suppositories are giving the me shivers. I can't decide if they look like lipsticks or bullets...

  3. I love your last post about the suppositories. I had to do that with my last child. I called the "Crisco Bullets!"