Friday, January 8, 2010

Suppression? Check.

After a month on birth-control pills and almost 2 weeks of Lupron shots, it looks like my internal lady-bits are in a deep sleep. I went in for an ultrasound yesterday and the technician confirmed that all's quiet on the ovarian front.
Besides the well-known flashy aspects of IVF treatment (egg retrieval, Petri-dish fertilization, etc.) I have to say I find the suppression of your reproductive system to be kindof interesting, in a mad scientist way. You're blocking your body's own production of hormones, telling your pituitary gland, "OK, you shut up now, we'll handle this." Once everything is fully suppressed, then you start taking the meds (synthetic hormones) to produce a bunch of eggs, grow your uterine lining, etc. The doc prescribes very precise levels of estrogen/FSH/etc. and doesn't want your body to contribute some unknown amount of hormones into the mix. No contribution from you, silly patient!

So, currently my natural system is totally zeroed out and ready to receive further orders.. to be sent in the form of hormone shots, patches and tablets tucked up into my hoo-ha. Crikey! I'll talk more about my protocol and schedule later. The main thing is that the embryo transfer is set for 1/26, hence the new countdown ticker widget on my blog.

In related news, I've done really well lately in suppressing my urge to say stupid things to Mr. Foxy. The kind of things that get me in trouble 'cause I appear critical/bitchy at a time when I should just shut up and be grateful. Case in point: Mr. Foxy spent many days researching and visiting auto dealerships after I made an offhand comment about wanting a newer car. On Monday night I had so many reasons to tell him he was nuts when he said he wanted me to come out to test-drive a car. But even though I was literally suffering PMS and menopause at the same time, I sucked it up. It took forever (of course) and poor Waffle Girl was over 2 hours past her bedtime, but I got a new-ish jazzy RED car.. with seatwarmers. Ahhhh..


  1. A new! I'll be thinking about you on the 26th. :)

  2. Congrats on the new car! I had wonderful success at FCI in Chicago -- you don't happen to be using those docs do you?

  3. pd - yep, we go to FCI. That's where we got Waffle Girl and where my 5 frosties currently reside.

  4. Wooo hooo. A new car with seat warmers to keep your bum nice and toasty in case you have to do PIO shots after transfer! So glad things are looking good for you, I'll be crossing my fingers on 1/26!

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  6. Note to my readers:

    The above commentor is not a crazy stalker lady. Elisabeth is doing actual PhD research and needs more participants for her survey.

    Please send her an email if you're interested. Mr. Foxy and I didn't qualify, as we already have a munchkin at home. But you should contact her if you're in treatment for kid #1. Thanks!

  7. A new car - sweet! That'll make up for the fact that right now you're like fully discharged battery, no? Or at least that's what it sounds like being in a hormone-less state is akin to? ;-)