Friday, January 29, 2010

let's call it a science experiment

As you read in my last entry, my feelings ranged from befuddled to PISSED after our frozen embryo transfer on Tuesday. To recap, in preparing for our 2nd single-blastocyst FET, our clinic skipped over one super-fantastic-grade-AA embryo and two Waffle-Girl-level ABs to roll the dice with one of our mediocre BBs. Now I know that people get PG all the time with BB's, I just thought it was totally mental to pick the worst of 5 blasts for a single embryo transfer.

My mood has picked up since Tuesday for a few reasons:

1) I figured, "Meh, what can you do? Stuff happens."

2) Thai food and subsequent Thai food leftovers.

3) The "mutt" embryo seems to be trying pretty hard. I've had cramping on-and-off since the day after transfer. This is exactly when implantation should happen, so I am encouraged.

4) I've come to see this as a science experiment. As a fancy government scientist lady, I am able to step back and look at this objectively.

These are the facts:

FACT #1 - An AB-embie implanted in '07 and then an AA implanted in '09. Thus, any embryo with an "A" in the grade can be expected to implant.

FACT #2 - The BC embryo transferred in '07 did not implant. Thus, an embryo with a "C" in the grade will not implant.

Study question: What will happen when a BB is transferred? There is no "A" to predict implantation and no "C" to predict failure.

HYPOTHESIS #1 - The BB will fail to implant due to lack of an "A" in the grade.

HYPOTHESIS #2 - The BB will successfully implant due to lack of a "C" in the grade.

Just where is the cut-0ff between implanting-embryos and bupkus-embryos for the infertile breeder and Mr. Foxy? Super sexy government scientists all over the world want to know. And I'm willing to put in the time and effort to investigate this important question.

The cool thing about a scientific study is that, whatever the outcome, you've learned something. Even if your theorum is shown to be false, this is a valuable piece of information. In particular, we will learn whether our other frozen BB is likely to be another dud.



  1. You are really cracking me up today.

    No, really. Stop it!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment this morning. It certainly got me out of bed and in the shower! My husband thanks you, too. : )

  3. I admire your scientific prowess, Miss Motya - it reminds me of my own mathematical abilities. And that's a beautiful thing. Rooting for the mutts! :-)

  4. This is so cute this post. So scientifically cute that it. You know what though I am so glad you wrote about the freezing of your blasties single straw vs. not. I am so going to inquire about this at our center, hoping we have blasties to freeze in a week or so we'll see.